From the sources of Rotälven to Österdalälven

This is the name of the slideshow describing the life of Rotälven. The river has its sources in the Swedish shire of Härjedalen and flows across the shire boarder into Dalarna at Norra Trollgrav into the Borough of Älvdalen. Rotälven flows 80 km before it reaches Österdalälven.

The pictures of the slideshow were taken between May 2004 and July 2005. The commentary and music were completed by the generous hard work of several co-workers. The show’s premier was shown at Brittgården in the village of Älvdalen in Dalarna on the 21st July, 2005. The audience’s appreciation of the slideshow was a great reward to me.

During the production of the slideshow I was given the privilege of flying in a small aircraft – even if I’m terrified of flying – in order to take aerial photographs of Rotälvens path, from its sources to the Österdalälven. It was a wonderful experience to view our beautiful countryside from the air.

The photographs on the web page are included in the slideshow.

Rotälven makes excellent fishing for both trout and grayling.