Åkvandan, whit their two small isles sure is a beatiful lake in Härjedalen, 3 km long. Old rafts along the beach reminds you of the last log flume in Rotälven 1970. On that time 1 million lumber floated pass the damfloodgates by Åkvandan. Today the dam is closed. In the huts by Åkvandan lumberjacks used to live, when they tend to work in the woods or maybe do a little fishing.
About 1,5 Km below Åkvandan you pass the border between Härjedalen and Dalarna. You're now in the community of Älvdalen. There you find Älvdalen's shooting range. You may reach Åkvandan from Lillhärdal by car, or you can travel by fot from Lånhus along Rotälven when you come from the direction of Älvdalen.