We're now at Lugnkrok, the little red cottage got it's reflection in the water. Below Lugnkrok is Rots silvermine. They once attemt to bribe the King of Sweden, of that time, whit a silver cup so that the King would finance the mine. But the King said that, if they could afford giving away a silver cup, they could finance the mine themselves. Rotälven's stream continues pass Ljotberg. There Robbåsbäcken got it's stream, streaming in to Rotälven. We walk along the stream to the waterfall. Back to Rotälven, bypassing Ljotberg och Rotälven we're at a place where "Långlie bruk" once where. A little bit further on we’re at a place called Ski. The only factory along Rotälven is Rots Sawmill. We are now at the bridge in Rot and there on the hill you can see Älvdalens beautiful folk museum whit local geography and history Rots Skans. From the bridge we countinue down towards Rotennäset and Rotälvens inflow into Österdalälven. And then we have reach our finish line, From Rotälvens springs to Österdalälven!